Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Winterfell Ferry...

I do not know how I was lucky enough to get a plot in Winterfell, right on the Sanctuary River. If that is not poetry and serendipity, I do not know what is.

Last night I googled our little continent and saw a reference to the Winterfell ferry. I had not heard of it. There was a link to one of the docks. My first Caledon home years ago was where the old Caledon ferry landed at the Cay. Now, riding that was grand! But though I have explored Wintefell some, there is much I have not seen of the continent, most of it really, and I was totally unprepared for twenty or so minutes on its waters.

If you have not ridden the ferry, you must. For one thing, it's not a ferry like I see in the States. It's a gondola that drives itself. The dragon rides and the canoes in Borderlands, great stuff. But turn your graphics card up and sit in the ferry boat and enjoy. Early on I sailed through the hull of an anchored tall ship; otherwise, all was perfect: the sights and sounds, the stone bridges overhead, the swooping birds...it is hard to describe. And it goes right past my house, down the Sanctuary River!

I would think that if world leaders would take that trip together once a week, we'd have less war :)

I look forward to more adventures in the gorgeous new landscape. Sincere thanks to Princess Selena and whoever vouched for me (well, politician that I am, I did drop Loch Avie's name). I am very glad to be here!


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